Why I Am Buying Ali Brown’s Millionaire Time Secrets Tele-Series

If you look around at people you know who are living the great life, what you’ll very likely see is that they all appear to bend time.  The amount of pure “things” they are able to do and manage seems monumental.

People have often said this to me … “Alexis, how in the world have you been able to raise 2 kids, start 4 businesses, build them each to either 6 or 7 figures, create multiple websites and brands, and major online training courses?” And I want to let you in on all of the nitty gritty how of it. But, for now, since I haven’t had the time to put together my own time management course, there’s Ali Brown’s Millionaire Time Secrets Tele-Series. Ali is a master at managing time.

If you truly want to have a million dollar business because your Money Map says that’s what you need for your life and your Great Work, you’d better get some kickin’ time management systems in place.

Now, you might wonder why I would be investing Ali’s program myself considering I was in her $100,000 coaching program a few years ago (yes, I did invest that much in coaching) and seem to have a great handle on my time.  Well, I’ll tell ya … for a few hundred bucks if I learn (or am reminded of) just one little thing that leverages my time, I will far exceed the return on my investment.  And I know that it’s by continuing to learn and grow and never saying “I already know that” that my Great Work will be most served and therefore I can best serve you.

So check out the tele-series and if you join let me know.  We can talk about what we are getting out of it and how to apply it to the life of parents here on the bloggity blog once the course starts.

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  1. Stefanie FrankSunday, February 6, 2011 at 7:25 pm 

    Hey thanks for sharing this! I signed up — this is totally something I need to continue up leveling. Appreciate that you put it here for me to find. 🙂

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