Use This Lesson From Burning Man 2009

I’m back from my annual family vacation to Burning Man.  As usual, it was a heart 0pening journey.

My honey is waiting for me to come to bed, but I wanted to let you know that I shared some of the learnings I gained on my last Play a Bigger Game NOW call.

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I’ll have some photos posted soon, but for now on the fan page you can see one with me and my partners in fun, my private coaching client and very close friend Max Simon and one of his clients and now another great friend, Aaron Ross.

When our RV broke down on the way to Burning Man we had to use all of our manifestation skills to make it to the event by Monday.  And we did it!  You’ll absolutely want to hear how because what we did can be used anytime you confront a massive roadblock in your life or your business.

It really works whether you are trying to get to Burning Man or trying to build a million dollar company or trying to get your kids to do what you want them to do.  I share the specifics on my Play a Bigger Game call, get it on the fan page.

PS – while everyone else’s kids are back to school, mine are not.  Yep, we are officially homeschooling.   And maybe even unschooling.  The whole things is quite scary, but I’m being afraid and doing it anyway.  I hope you are doing that in your life a few places too.  It’s where the growth happens.  Ciao for now.

PPS – one lesson I didn’t talk about on the Play a Bigger Game Now call this month, but I will next month is that Burning Man teaches you how to be radically okay with whoever you are and however you show up in the world.  When you can really do this, life becomes truly exciting and joyful.