Me On the New Oprah Network?

I broke through the resistance, made my video (thanks to the awesome team of Kia Kiso, J.P. Brennan and Lynne Mitchell) and it’s now up on the Oprah site and ready for your votes.

Please vote here:

You can vote more than once so please return there and vote often.

Then, if you’d like to spread the word to your lists, here’s some copy:

Of course, feel free to edit. 🙂


For Twitter/Facebook …

Please vote for @alexisneely to get her own show the
new #OWN network. It’s time for a new normal around


And for your lists …

Subject: Please Help Alexis Have Her Own TV Show on Oprah

Millions of people are being ripped apart by conflict. Fights with friends, neighbors, parents, siblings, spouses, and even people in the cars in front of us.

We turn to well-meaning friends or lawyers and the conflict escalates.

What if there was a new way to deal with conflict?

My friend, Alexis Neely, has a show that will create a new normal when it comes to conflict and she needs your help to get Oprah to take notice as part of the OWN Network search for their next TV host.

Here’s the link to Alexis’ audition video:

Voting is until July 3 and you can vote as often as every minute between now and then. So vote early and vote often.

And feel free to forward this message to anyone you know who wants to see conflict resolved in a whole new way!

Your Sign Off

PS – Remember, you can vote for Alexis’ video more than once, so please help Alexis by voting often and spreading
the word to all your friends and family.

Here’s the link again:


At whatever level you are able to support my quest for my OWN television show, I am so grateful for your help.

Thank you, thank you, thank you!

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  1. Naomi NilesMonday, June 28, 2010 at 6:18 pm 

    I voted for you! I'm sure you're going to get it. You'd be so good at it and the audition was top notch. Good luck!!!

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